Melissa's Story

Meet Melissa, she lives in Guatemala, A country devastated by a recent volcanic eruption and here is her story.


Melissa is one of the lucky ones who has found education in the most stunning eco build schools in the world.

She is learning the skills needed to better her community where the majority of them live in extreme poverty.

Take your time to watch the below videos and see how Long Way Home School is changing the future of Guatemala by using the simple tool of education.

Short documentary on Long Way Home School


In the summer of 2018, Guatemala was devastated by a volcanic eruption.

We never expected a child so young to draw such an emotional picture that everyone can relate to.

She wanted to show us two sides of her life.

One was the happy playful, peaceful existence of a child. Out playing with her friends.

The second being the life changing moments of the volcanic eruption on Guatemala.

We used the tears from the drawing as well as the circle of life to capture the essence of Melissa's drawing.



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