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Vurchoo ambassador Louise visits Hun Pitou’s School in Cambodia– Salariin Kampuchea, and has a humbling interview with Head Teacher Ravi.
What does the donated money from Vurchoo, HOPE, and other organisations, enable you to do?

Helps run the education/life skill program, helps pay for hygiene, pays towards stationary, worksheets, and cooking items.

Hun Pitou has now graduated - has she stayed in contact, and do you know what she has gone on to do for work?

We have stayed in contact and she has been to our parties such as the Khmer new year.
Hun carried on her studies, then became an accountant!
She now works for an organisation in Siem Reap called 'Together For Cambodia'.
What do you think would become of some of the less fortunate students if it wasn't for your school?

At our school they learn English, and among the job market they only know Cambodian, so English is very helpful, as it is hard to get a job without communication skills

They also learn about behaviour to be able to work with other people, how to work in a team, and problem-solving skills.
Due to the work of our school the community notice the change in children. It is common, especially in Cambodia for schools not to care and take such pride in their students. They are businesses run for money.
It is hard for the everyday person to see what other schools are like behind closed doors.

We were forced to move the school away from the city as people started copying and opening with the same visuals. just for money.
We have been offering education for free since 2003 and could not compete in this environment.
Some schools would call children in just to appear like they have students.
Was Hun Pitou aware of the affects her drawing had on raising funds for the school?

In 2013/14, we had announced to the school that a drawing had been selected for Vurchoo.
A lot of children had done drawings, we were very proud that one had been selected. This was very empowering for the children
The donations have helped us stay open.

What are your highlights of working with Salariin Kampuchea?

I have been working here for over 10 years now, since April 2008. I love offering education to the community.
I had a background in business education, and office skills and knowledge to the education sector.
I fall in love with the school and children - it would be very hard to withdraw myself.
I feel I am satisfied and very proud of my path to now.

Do you have a message for the followers of Vurchoo Jewellery?

Thanks to Vurchoo and their customers for their contribution - offering education to Cambodian children. It has improved quality life for the children.
We are very grateful and would love to continue.
Contribution is very valuable to the future of Cambodian children and has a big positive impact.

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