Every design is inspired by children's drawings from around the world. From each sale we share 10-20% of the profits with their schools to support children off the streets and into education.

Vurchoo Partners With Teach A Man To Fish

Vurchoo Jewellery is proud to partner with the charity Teach A Man To Fish to equip young people with the necessary abilities to thrive in various aspects of life, including school, employment, and personal development.

The International Labour Organisation, estimates 73 million young people are currently without employment globally. In the upcoming decade, another 1 billion youths will enter the job market. Merely receiving traditional education is insufficient in guaranteeing prolonged success; individuals also require abilities that employers value and equip them to navigate a constantly evolving world.

The programmes that Teach A Man To Fish deliver aim to prepare educators in both school and non-school environments, enabling them to assist youth in developing business and life skills through hands-on experience with real youth-led businesses. This involvement in the planning and operation of a business helps children and young adults acquire various practical skills and valuable experience.

Your purchase from Vurchoo Jewellery helps to fund Teach A Man A Fish projects in South Africa , Cambodia, India, and more, to create a new generation of entrepreneurs with the life skills to succeed.