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For every Vurchoo design sold,
something amazing happens to children in poverty around the world.

We believe in ethics not just 'sustainability'.


I always saw ethical jewellery as either a battle against abused labour in mines around the world or reformed plastic from waste. Both great movements, but what about the middle ground? I wanted to create jewellery available to everyone with ethics still at its core.


Every part of Vurchoo from the design, materials, ethos etc are with ethics in mind.
  • Empowerment and Profit Share - My collections are inspired by young children’s drawings from around the world. Giving them empowerment to achieve great things by seeing how their drawings have been my inspiration and turned into timeless stunning jewellery. They also see their communities improved as a result of this. Can you imagine drawing a picture on a whim, then seeing more books in your school library as a result of it? From each sale approximately 10-25% of profits are shared with charities around the world via our UK partner Teach a Man to Fish. (All donations are made via a UK registered charity to ensure everything remains kosher)
  • Branding and packaging – My branding was designed by members of a charity in the UK who help people with disabilities find work. All my packaging is slowly being turned into eco or recyclable (I just has one last bit of single use plastic that is needed for storage but I am almost there!
  • Materials and Manufacture – I use 100% recycled silver and ethically sourced gemstones as well as some lab made CZ stones.



Below are a few stories of the children we have worked with. Click and image and enjoy.