Inspired by children's drawing and stories.

From each sale we share 10-20% of the profits with their schools to support education for those in need.

Our Partners

Imagine how much of an impact drawing a picture and as a result seeing more books on the shelves are more children in class at your school would have on your self worth and ability to achieve?

We work with UK registered charities to ensure transparency. Our main partner being 'Not for Profit' Teach a Man to Fish.

Behind the Scenes

Our branding was designed by members of Livability in the UK a charity who help people with disabilities find work.

Our Studs of Hope collection is made using ethically sourced materials. We also carry out checks on all suppliers making sure they perform to our ethical standards as we follow the '10 fair trade principles'.

No funny business around here!

We are also proud members of BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops)

This section could go on forever but ill end it by letting you know... Our online order are also 99% plastic free! Meaning guilt free shopping