How To Pick The Perfect Gem Stone For You

Gems and jewellery


They are shining little beauties which look gorgeous against our skin and bring out the sparkle in our eyes, but what do they mean?
We look deeper into our gems and what they can do for the soul...


Black Spinel

This stunning dark gemstone is said to be a protective charm, repelling negativity from your life and great at keeping you grounded.

This gorgeous black beauty is also said to provide one with inspiration, self confidence and self worth, providing a sense of empowerment.

We love the Melissa Black Rhodium Tear Drop Comfort Ring which keeps the empowerment in your hands, and having the matching Tear Drop Pendant to keep that negativity at bay.




The jewel of love and loyalty.

This blue-eyed beauty is a solid symbol of love and affection, representing eternal romance and friendship.

The stunning sky-blue gem is said to be calming to the emotions and provides a sense of peacefulness, enhancing relaxation - we all need a bit of this in our lives!

We like the idea of having the calming stone close by with the Silver Tear Drop Threaded Earrings, teamed with the Double Tear Drop Pendant to signify the love held close to you.



Rainbow Moonstone

This misty-eyed gem is known to be soothing to the soul - it enhances one’s emotional vision by balancing the emotions and relieving stress.

The gorgeous stone also holds the qualities which all of us ladies yearn for - happiness, harmony, hope and positive energy. 

If that isn’t enough, having this rainbow rock close by encourages greater creative abilities and freedom of expression.

We think the Rose Gold Signature Tear Drop Necklace is a gorgeous piece which holds the qualities of the stone in each setting around your neck. Place a matching Rose Gold Stone Tear Drop Comfort Ring on your finger to have that creativity boost at your fingertips.



The Northern lights caught in a stone. The Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change - a solid companion which will enhance your willpower and feelings of inner worth.

This alluring gem will attract strength and perseverance when facing all types of changes and challenges in life. It is one of the best stones for boosting your self confidence and self worth. Oh, and she is beautiful too...

Keep this powerful gem close by with the Gold Tear Drop Pendant Earrings which can also be worn as a stud, also available in Silver, Rhodium, or Rose Gold.


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