What’s so special about rose gold?

This gorgeous soft toned metal has risen to fame in the fashion industry - while gold and silver have been a solid tradition throughout history, this rose-tinted beauty has recently been turning heads.
We take a look at how and why the beautiful rose gold has made it into the spotlight.

How did rose gold come into fashion?

Rose Gold has been in fashion longer than you may think - decades ago, Cartier made a major mark in rose gold history when the Trinity band (made of three intertwining bands of rose, white and yellow gold) debuted in the late 1920s.

This sparked a new trend in history.

We think the Melissa comfort rings make a nice twist on this Cartier trademark by providing the option to stack your rose with silver and gold.

 rose gold adjustable rings with stunning stones for ethical fashion

So what exactly is rose gold?

The secret to this rose hue which has captured our hearts? Copper.

All gold used in jewellery is mixed with other metals - this is because 24-karat gold is too soft to withstand wear on it’s own. Interesting, right?!

The amount of copper which is used as an alloy is what gives rose gold it’s blushed tone.

Rose gold resin and pearl ring set. Timeless design

Will it last long?

You may be surprised to know that rose gold is in fact tougher than yellow or white gold.

Due to the strength of copper, rose gold is very durable, so you won’t have to worry about losing it’s beauty too soon.

We think the new rose gold tear drop threaded earrings are a particularly timeless piece.

 Who is rose gold best suited for?

Here’s the beauty about it - anyone can wear it, and however they want.

The warm tones of rose gold sit perfectly next to any skin tone. It also has the ability to mix beautifully with other metals - just have a look at the sell-out rose gold range in our Hun Pitou collection. 

With the new Melissa collection, you can stack the rose gold comfort rings with any other colours in range. You can also layer up on the pendants to have a gorgeous ethnic look.

For some of our tips on how to layer up, stack up, or make a statement with simplicity, click here


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